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This is your last chance to get your hands on this awesome anthology but some mega-talented artist! Seriously, you don’t wanna miss this book! We are currently at $8,735. We can still make the stretch goal! So spread the word while you can! We appreciate all of the support you have given us! Thank you so much!

So I’m open for Commissions! Feel free to message me on my Tumblr or to request a commission. Fanart and Original Characters preferred! I do NOT draw Mecha, Gore or Porn. Any questions, message me all the same ^_^

Hey guys! We are down to our last four days, and we’ve almost reached our 1st Stretch goal! And we still have time for the 2nd. Please spread the word and support this great anthology!

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I don’t even have to tell you why this is important or why you should support the Kickstarter to bring back Reading Rainbow; you know why. So go do it!

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Butterfly in the skyyyyyy, I can go twice as hiiiigh!!! Do you remember watching reading Rainbow as a kid? I loved that show. Lets help LeVar Burton bring the greatness of books and experiences to children all over the world. This isn’t just a great project. This is an opportunity to make a difference. Be a part of the solution, and back The Reading Rainbow Project today!!! You won’t regret it! but as LeVar always said…. You don’t have to take my word for it! Lol

Hey guys! So we are down to the last 7 days of the HORIZON Anthology Kickstarter campaign, and we haven’t unlocked the awesome stretch goals: exclusive prints from some of the artists, and if we really pull it together, a nice HARD COVER book to add to your collection. So please support this Kickstarter! Thanks again!


Student requested, Buster Keaton in a Keaton mask.

Thanx drawlequin!!! <3 

Before I even had the chance to share the lasted update, we’ve gone from 96% to FULLY FUNDED! But we aren’t done yet! Check out the update for STRETCH GOAL details, and the artist spotlight for the talented Bryant LaMare and our very own Editor/Kickstarter Manager Jeremy Lawson!!


I’m Samir Barrett, 25.  Made my way into comics through cartoons and took a lot of influence from people like Bruce Timm and Dwayne McDuffie.  Now I do creator owned comics with my buddy Dave.  We pride ourselves on telling stories about superhero kids with diverse backgrounds and personalities that are fun and compelling for everyone.  The great thing about comics is that there’s no limit to the stories you can tell and there’s no limit to the audience you can reach.  No matter the gender, race, age, whatever, everybody is comics.

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We’re almost there! 94% and we have’nt even posted the next update yet!!! And then we can move on to the awesome strecth goals! Get your hands on book, prints, and original art!!! Spread the word!!! And thanx again for soooo much support!

You guys rock SOOO much! Everyone is so excited and sooo happy! You don’t even realize. This is a very special project for us. We still have so much time that getting a hard cover seems possible. Just imagine how awesome that would be! Thanks so much for those of you who have backed us as well as spread the word about Horizon Antholgy! Please keep doing what you’ve been doing so far! Backing and Boosting! We love you!

This week on Artist Spotlight: Laura Neubert and Athena Currier!

Messing around with colors for Trent too.

A few expressions for Trent from Crowns of Morpheus

So we are actually 71% funded as of Today!! OMG! Please continue spreading the word. Lets go for Stretch goals: Up to 4 Horizon Exclusive Prints (never to be sold) and a hardback book! Thanx to every fam, friend, and fan who’s already shown their support by helping to fund this totally worth it anthology! <3 You won’t be disappointed!

Also, Artist Spotlight: Adam Del Re and Nicky Soh!

Environment Designs for Crowns of Morpheus. WIP. Liking where these are going :)